Hey there...

... so this blog has been in the works for a while now.
This whole first post "thing" is (hopefully) the hardest part.
I have written (and re-written) multiple (then hit delete).

So I thought, !@#$ it - let's just jump right in.


I'm Kristina (see below) and I am a makeup artist.

Photo: Samara Leung / Paul Whyatt

Basically, I really like makeup (lipstick in particular), so twelve years ago I decided to make it my job.

I am here to share my loves and my lessons. Leave a comment it there is something specific you would like to see.

In the interim you can see my behind the scenes life on insta: @krissy_persichinigraz and @kristinasarah_mua for a portfolio of my work

K x


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