The Makeup Artist Bride (Part One)

I have worked on a few weddings in my 12 years of being a makeup artist. (I won't be specific, because I am bad at maths.)

I thought this experience had provided a pretty solid foundation of knowledge of what the "ideal bridal makeup" was as well as "bridal makeup maintenance".

This post delves into the latter.

It was not until I actually was a bride, that I realised most of my makeup maintenance advice became null and void. 

So here are the things I discovered as a bride:

Firstly, people are going to be so excited to congratulate you that they will:
1. pull out your veil and/or head piece mid-hug (this leads to number 2).
2. mess up your hair.
3. steal all your makeup with their kisses (yes, I basically had no makeup left on my cheeks. Granted, a lot of guests (of european background) equals a lot of kisses).

Secondly, I cried. A lot (and I'm not a crier). That whole "DAB don't WIPE" thing I tell my brides? Well, it went right out the window.

Thirdly, those makeup touch-ups: no longer a priority right now (which means most of the day).

Lastly, it didn't actually matter. Because I had the best day of my life (yes cliche, but the most accurate description).

Photo: Mark Dohring (Bentinmarcs) Makeup: Millie Herd
P.S. Don't tell my husband


See The Makeup Artist Bride (Part Two), coming soon, with my tips on bridal makeup to withstand most of the above.